Know that feeling when you are about to step out, but you know that something niche is missing in your look?
That's when we come in to play, we believe that accessories is an expression of your taste and style overall, and trust us, people do notice, because first impressions matter.
Living in a big city, such as Toronto, we came across many individuals, and finding the right product could be difficult, when it comes to design, quality, and of course affordable prices.
We believe that quality and affordability should correlate with one another, and that's why we decided to change the industry, and deliver the best possible accessories for affordable prices.
Our design team always works to create unique styles that matches your character, whether it is a casual, or a business attire, we find the desired look.
We use the highest possible grade materials, for a long-lasting look.
All of our products are designed, and assembled in Toronto, Canada.